As of April 2015, we have amended our branch constitution to reflect the following board structure. We firmly believe that this structure will allow IEEE to achieve widespread success in its future endeavors to engage and enrich students professionally, technically, and socially.

Brief descriptions of each role are as follows:


Official IEEE@UIUC representative for the department, college, and national levels. Oversees all IEEE activities, officers, and members. Maintains order and communication amongst the board and always has the final say.

Technical VP

Responsible for technical sub-branch and all IEEE technical events. Oversees all IEEE and IEEE TAG projects. Ensures IEEEs active use and regulation of the Open Projects Lab for these projects.

Professional VP

Responsible for professional sub-branch and all IEEE professional events. Oversees all corporate connections and funding as well as all professional development events (e.g. tech talks).

Membership VP

Responsible for membership sub-branch and all IEEE membership events. Coordinates efforts to increase and retain membership by promoting IEEE activities. Manages the public appearance of the organization in terms of design and publicity.


Takes meeting notes at Executive Board and general meetings. Maintains detailed records of IEEE events for all positions. Responsible for room reservation and all financial obligations to the Branch. Actively seeks funding opportunities and regulates organization budget.

Projects Director

Responsible for project development via proposals, funding requests, and regulated progress. Actively seeks new student projects. Informs the Branch about project statuses. Responsible for IEEE's active role in Engineering Open House (EOH).

JSDC Director

Coordinates with Jerry Sanders Design Competition committee. Responsible for IEEE JSDC Open Lab presence. Orders necessary team parts and supplies. Tracks team budget. Hosts workshops and trains new team members specifically for competing in JSDC.


Maintains the IEEE@UIUC Branch website, redesigning when needed. Maintains all email lists and aliases. Responsible for online advertisement and presence of Branch through website, electronic bulletin boards, weekly emails, newsletters, and social media.


Organizes various general-purpose workshops that will be open to all students, such as the Arduino and soldering workshops of years past. Will also be in charge of an EOH presence for children, and a boot at the Projects Fair. Also organizes any competitions as necessary.

Corporate Director

Oversees company relationships, sponsorships, and events. Point of contact for setting up all corporate committee events (e.g. info sessions, career-related events, soft-skill workshops).

Networking Director

Ensures Branch national presence and activity in Region 4. Organizes educational events for members (e.g. lab tours, seminars) and internal professional development opportunities (e.g. resume reviews).

External Relations

Establishes relations with other organizations on campus through co-hosted professional events. Organizes outreach to local communities, promoting science and engineering.

Social Director

Responsible for creating and organizing social events for IEEE at least once a month. Co-hosts events when possible. Helms IEEE's E-Week presence.

Publicity Director

Responsible for creating promotional material used for IEEE events like Projects Fair, workshops, competitions, or any other activites. Ideally has some experience with Photoshop and is at least partially artistically inclined. Would work with the Webmaster for promoting events. Note that there is no corresponding Publicity committee.

SPARK Director

Responsible for the publication of SPARK magazine. Editor-in-Chief for the magazine. Delegates article sourcing, editing and layout/design tasks.

Awards Director

Gives out awards issued by UIUC Branch of IEEE (e.g. Problem of the Week). Processes application essays and hand out scholarships on behalf of UIUC Branch of IEEE. 3. Seeks out awards for the Branch as a whole through Engineering Council (EC), IEEE national, and other entities.

Technical Advancement Groups (TAGs)

IEEE is excited to broadcast some new changes to the board for this upcoming year. The most common question we found ourselves being asked was: "How does one get involved with IEEE?". While there were plenty of opportunities to be involved in a committee (or several!), they got off to their start after the GM each semester, and then did their own thing. Trying to hop on the train midway throughout the semester proved difficult for many people, as it really demanded a lot of inner motivation. Effectively, we weren’t making the opportunity to get involved as seamless as possible, and that’s something we were determined to change.

This problem particularly manifested itself in the technical branch, where the burden of knowing everything was shoved on the Technical Committee Directors. If we wanted to a workshop in a specific area – robotics, power, app dev, etc – it was on the director and his committee to become an instant expert on those topics to the level of which one could safely teach it to someone else. Rather than doing this, we developed a new method of creating our technical branch.

The solution to this is Technical Advancement Groups – TAGs. We received lots of inspiration for this from the way ACM handles a similar situation with there SIGs, in case it wasn’t obvious to anyone. Each TAG is going to have a specific area of technical interest. Since there is no precedent here, we initially propose TAGs that are based on workshops or research groups. Some possible TAGs include:

Since this is the first year we’re doing this, the initial trial will be a bit different. We will interview for the TAG Directors like we would normal board officers. If sufficient interest is shown, and trust in the person leading is there, the TAG will be formed. Our expectations are that the TAG will meet at minimum twice a month, and offer a variety of services. How the events are handled are obviously up to each individual group, but ideally we’d like to see workshops, lecture series, and for research focused ones, paper reviews. Not every meeting, but at least one each per semester. Hope you guys are excited about this as we are!

Apply Now!

Workshops and Projects Director Positions are still open, the rest are closed.
[Due Tuesday, April 21, 11:59PM, Interview details will be mailed out.]

Please email completed applications to the current President, Anselmo Shim, at