List of TAGs

Some classes may be mentioned in the descriptions below. Fret not! They're not meant to be pre-requisites; rather, they are there so you connect the TAG to what you're learning in the classroom while at UIUC.

TAG Circuits

TAG Circuits will show you how to build analog and mixed signal circuits, from power to audio to RF, and everything in between!

Relevant courses: ECE 210/211, ECE 310/311, ECE 342/343

Meeting Time: TBD

Chair: Sergio Silva

Contact: ieee-tag-circuits@illinois.edu


TAG DSP is all about Digital Signal Processing and how it can be used in real world applications like image and audio processing.

Relevant courses: ECE 210/211, ECE 310/311

Meeting Time: TBD

Chair: Mohammad Saad

Contact: ieee-tag-dsp@illinois.edu


TAG CPS (Cyber Physical Systems) is at the meeting point of embedded systems, networking, and mechanical engineering.

Relevant courses: ECE/CS 438, CS 424

Meeting Time: TBD

Chairs: Kanyon Edvall and Matthew Krikorian

Contact: ieee-tag-cps@illinois.edu

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IEEE Robotics

IEEE Robotics is all about robotics, focusing on the MRDC competitions that take place during Engineering Open House

Meeting Time: TBD

Chair: Conner Cecott

Contact: ieee-tag-bot@illinois.edu

About TAGs

IEEE is excited to broadcast some new changes to its structure.

The most common question we found ourselves being asked was: "How does one get involved with IEEE?". Besides committees, which are largely administrative, it's difficult to really get involved in IEEE UIUC and truly learn something, whether actively or passively. IEEE is, after all, a technical organization, and student branches should reflect that for our members. Further, it's difficult to join a committee after the start of the semester. Effectively, we weren’t making the opportunity to get involved as seamless as possible, and that’s something we were determined to change. Finally, the distribution and level of knowledge within the leadership wasn't great, making our activities unfavorable for growth.

The solution to these issues is Technical Advancement Groups – TAGs. We received lots of inspiration our friends over at ACM with their Special Interest Group (SIG) model. Each TAG is going to have a specific area of technical interest. To reflect that, each TAG chair is strong in that field. As such, the level of technical knowledge within IEEE UIUC grows significantly, but is now distributed at the same time.

This is very new for us; we have no real precedent other than ACM. While their model is a great place to start, we still want to define our own path. Initially we're proposing TAGs be formed with some specific technical and applied concept in mind. The "initial run" of six TAGs are described above. We're always open to more great ideas, so if you feel confident in a certain field of ECE, contact us about creating a TAG!

Our expectations are that the TAG will meet at minimum twice a month, and offer a variety of services. How the events are handled are obviously up to each individual group, but ideally we’d like to see workshops, lecture series, and for research focused ones, paper reviews. Not every meeting, but at least one each per semester. Hope you guys are excited about this as we are!